Thursday, October 29, 2015

Time Management Tools (part 1 of 2)

While technology is at its most advanced state today, there remains to be a lot of things to juggle for a typical career-oriented individual. For most family-oriented people, there is the burden of juggling work, career, family and other factors involved in one’s social life.

The answer is Time Management. Most successful people are often asked about what their secret to success is. And more often than not, they have the same response, and that is “time management”. However, although this is almost an expected response, many are still baffled at how time management really works.

Time management is simply the proper allocation of time for certain priorities. First, the priorities have to be arranged in a certain way where it is clustered into sectors and listed according to urgency and importance. For example, the important parts of your life are career, your son, your home, your art, and your family. You have to know which one to drop first whenever you need to do something.

After that, you will need help from some time management tools designed to aid you in the correct process of prioritization AND remembering that order.

Quick-and-Easy Reminders

There are a lot of people who need lots of reminder when it comes to taking care of small businesses. Often, they are too small that they are disregarded as unimportant. If you are one of them, buy some quick-and-easy reminders. What’s good about technology is you can probably put a reminder just about everywhere! Cellular phones nowadays have built-in organizers, post-its are available in different variants, and even the good old refrigerator door magnets have come in a lot of forms.

What is important is that the frequency of the reminding is now being increased. This is good for time management because it keeps you aware of the things which you have to do especially if they’re urgent.

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